Is my TinyScreen+ toast?


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After using my TinyScreen+ for something else, then putting it back in the TinyTV case, video has these horizontal lines. Is the screen toast now?


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Hmm, if those lines aren't just an effect from taking a picture of the OLED, it could have been damaged during re-assembly. The glass screen can be cracked without visible sigs of wear or tear necessarily and that can lead to a distorted display like you are perhaps seeing.

Usually when a screen is cracked or damaged, it'll have a distorted/erring display for a while and then eventually go blank. The hardware on the board will still work, however, and you can use the board as a processor and button board even if the screen is failing. It may be worth a shot to try re-uploading the TV program just in case something initialized incorrectly.

Let me know how it goes!



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