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Thumby / Battery
« on: May 06, 2022, 11:34:04 AM »
I think I've read somewhere that the battery life can be up to 3-hours, but that depends on screen brigtness
What if we draw only a black screen with low brightness and make the thumby 1 FPS, could that extent to battery life to way more than 3 hours?

I've also read that the current battery status (low, medium, full) would maybe be exposed in a future update, is there a way to know if the thumby is plugged it right now?

Thumby / Game Code Python Import
« on: May 03, 2022, 02:29:06 AM »
I've just received my Thumbies (!!!)
I wanted to import my game to it, but it doesn't run. I've been commenting code to figure out the issue and the first issue I see is importing game files.
I've split my code into multiple file and had no issue importing other files, but it seems I was running the files from the root, when I move my game to "/Games/Demo" instead of "/" my import don't work anymore

I've notice that if I change
"import game_framework" to "import Games.Demo.game_framework" it seems to fix the issue

But then when I want to change the name to something meaningful I'll have to go through all my files and swap the imports...

Is there some python code I don't know that might solve this issue?
Is there something I'm missing?
Or am is that simply a limitation of how the thumby/micropython works that I have to handle manually?

Thumby / Thumby Code Editor Issues
« on: April 24, 2022, 11:26:54 PM »
Hello everyone,

I haven't yet received my thumby, but I am already starting a project in the Thumby Code Editor

It's a great tool but I  have some questions that I couldn't find any answer online
I'm still learning Python after years of using C++, so maybe some of these are related to my lack of Python knowledge

  • I want to create a new file in my project, but can't seem to be able to add a new file, when  I import a file from PC, it switches the current tab to the new file, so I lose this particular file. Am I missing something? I have a work-around, but it is clearly a weird and convoluted way to add a new file to the project. I have a feeling it might be due to the fact that I work Thumby-less
  • I rather like working with binary files for my sprite data, but for some reason sometime the editor seems to lose a reference to one of my .bin file. I get "OSError: [Errno 2] ENOENT" on a line where I load the file. I made sure the file was there with the emulated check and it was. If I remove the line loading the file everything works and then later I can bring it back and it works. Then sometime later it might stop working with no change around this particular line or file or logic... I tried refreshing the Code Editor, but it didn't fix it
  • The import sprite tool is great and that's mostly what I used to create my sprite binary files. The Bitmap Builder is a quick and easy tool to use, but it seems both can't be used together and that's a shame. It'd be great to be able to import binary files, modify the data and then re-export in binary. Is that something that's being considered?
  • I might be missing something, but I haven't seen anything about outputting in the shell in the Code Editor? Without a debugger outputting to shell would be great, I've seen somewhere that you can write to file, but without an actual Thumby that doesn't seem to be feasible?

Thank you
I'm already having a great time and haven't received my Thumby yet. Can't wait to see how small it actually is!

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