Motor Shield Examples?

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Anyone got photos of the motorshield up and running? really keen to see what people are doing while I wait for mine.



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I just finished soldering motors 1 and 2 pins in, and the power and ground pins. The lead-free solder that I have is total garbage, so I am unsatisfied with the solder job, but at least it was good enough to fire up the motor board. (I will definitely order some leaded solder...) The test for motor 1 and 2 seemed to go well with a 4.5v power source (three 393 batteries) and a tiny hobby motor.

I will say that the pins on the motor board's bottom will need to be trimmed really short after testing etc. The pins collide with... EVERYTHING! Because of that, I had to put a proto board beneath the motor board, to act as a spacer, because the USB, the Processor board, and the compass, could not be placed beneath the motor board... gah! For my final buttoned up project, I may just solder the motor wires directly to the board.

Sorry no pictures yet...


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Hi there,
I found a small typo in the motor shield example code:

  // Set the motor direction to reverse
  digitalWrite(motorDirPin, LOW);   

should be:

  // Set the motor direction to reverse
  digitalWrite(motorDirPin, HIGH); 

Also, I introduced an integer value dly to store the delay between speed steps.
If you increase it from 50 to 500, you can better observe how the motor switches its speed steps.

Great Shield, Ken!

Best regards,


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