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Will things like leaving it connected to the editor and just unplugging it without disconnecting or turning it off first damage it?
Or vice versa, leaving it on then plugging it in to the computer and connecting it to the editor?
Is there anything I might not realize or think about, as someone that's not used to working with things like this on a normal basis?
How often do I water it?  ;)


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Unplugging and plugging or leaving Thumby plugged in shouldn't cause any issues. If anything strange state ever happens, turning the Thumby off and back on will solve most problems. We don't foresee there being any further issues, but a fresh UF2 download is always an option to reset Thumby. For resetting with a fresh UF2:

1. Connect Thumby to your computer
2. Turn Thumby off
3. Hold the down DPAD direction button while turning the Thumby back on
4. Wait for a file explorer to pop-up on your computer or for the RPI-RP2 drive to appear on your computer
5. Drag and drop the UF2 into the folder window that appears. You can download the file using this link:
6. Turn the Thumby off and back on

We recommend watering Thumby 0 times daily and washing the Thumby  with your laundry only when you're sure you never want to use it again.


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