SD card is write protected...?


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So i recently purchase a TinyTV DIY kit. I downloaded a couple Youtube videos and put them into the video to TSV converter. Then I tried to copy the TSV file onto the SD card that the TV came with, only for it to tell me it's write protected. I have tried fixing it with a ton of different methods, but none seem to work. I even tried using a different Micro SD card reader but it still has the issue. (Also its not on LOCK mode)

Since that didn't work I changed the file name to something REALLY short, but that ALSO didn't work. I even formatted a 32 GB Micro SD card only for it to tell me that there is no SD card inserted.

What do I do??
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Hi there,

Did you put any tsv videos on the formatted 32gb card when you tested it?

What operating system are you using (MacOS, Windows)? Can you share a screenshot of the exact error message? Do you have an SD Card adapter between your computer and the SD card?



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