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I am new to Arduino. About a year ago, I purchased an Arduino UNO. I got interested in the tiny circuit used for the navigation lighting circuit driving LED's. Reading through the article, they showed the code being used. I had an idea thinking that I could copy the and paste it and upload it to the Arduino UNO circuit. Well apparently there are differences code wise between the tiny circuit and the UNO circuit. During the upload an error came up highlighting a line towards the bottom saying redefinition of void setup()  { . I'm not sure how to rectify this and or is the code so far off that I would have to purchase a tiny circuit and not be able to use the UNO?? PS I'm not good on code!
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Hiya there,

The RC aircraft project involves some extra hardware in addition to the processor. Such as the LEDs and resistors.

The processor boards (Arduino Uno and TinyLily) use the same processor chip (ATmega328p), but the way these two boards are programmed is different. If you want to produce the same project without making any software/code changes, I would recommend buying the exact hardware used in the project, as well as some soldering tools. Otherwise, I recommend learning more about programming to adapt the code to your processor and hardware on hand. Arduino has some great getting started tutorials that I would highly recommend, search for tutorials here:



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