My Video player freezes on fuzz too


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Hello all.  Diving into my first Tiny project (hopefully the first of many). Im experiencing a frozen screen when I switch between some, not all, of the channels. It doesn’t happen with the vids that came preloaded. I’ve taken the preloaded off and back onto the sd card and all works fine. But when I load my own converted vids I get freezes. I’ve tried reconverting them,  adjusted the file name and even re-exported my original videos to make them a smaller file size before converting them for the tiny screen. But still get the same results. Any other tricks I can try? I know there’s a character limit but is there file size limit?

Thanks for any help!!!


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Hiya Ben,

Do the source videos play without issue on your computer before you convert them?

I've converted entire 3 hour movies with no issue - there isn't a file size limit for conversion, there's just a limit in size to the SD Card you use (the one with the kit is 8GB). There's the character limit, but you also can't use special characters or symbols. You can try re-naming all the videos to something like "video1, video2, etc" to rule that out as a problem.

What format are the source videos? mp4?

Let me know!



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