TinyDuino + USB shield - what is max current out of VCC pin?


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I plan on running an IR LED off of the VCC pin (~5V), with appropriate limiting R.  But I also want to run VCC to a few LED driver transistors, to be switched on/off using IO pins.  Total current for all would be ~100mA.  Am I right in thinking that, when this combo is powered directly from USB, that the VCC *is* the raw USB 5v?  Even if so, there could be current limits imposed by trace widths etc.   I've looked around quite a bit but haven't seen anything definitive about this.  Thanks for any help!


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VCC is the 5V connection as you suspected on the TinyDuino. You should be fine to supply around ``~100mA, you could go up to 500mA, but working around the upper limit can cause damage to the components.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



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