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Hi All, just ordered a Tiny Tv from the site, and have a few questions  before I receive it. I am assuming you can charge it with an iPhone charger? When you seat the SD card will it spring eject to come out? Is it already pre-programmed to just except videos if you throw them on the card?


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You should be able to use an apple brick charger with a micro USB b cable (https://tinycircuits.com/collections/cables-connectors/products/micro-usb-cable-3-feet) plugged into a wall outlet to charge the TV.

There is no spring-ejection unfortunately. You will need a pair of tweezers to remove the SD Card from the TV enclosure after installing it in the assembly process.

The SD Card comes with some pre-loaded videos, but you will need to convert any additional videos using the TSV Converter (https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Kits/TSV-Converter-Tutorial/). So you cannot put videos directly onto the SD card, they need to have the .tsv extension from the converter in order to be playable on the TV.




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