DIY TinyTV Kit "card not found!" error


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I’m trying to set up the DIY TinyTV kit and after assembling the TV I inserted the microSD card switched it on and got a message on the screen about needing to insert a card.

I had loaded additional .tsv videos onto the card before inserting it so assumed that I needed to install the Tiny Video Player Arduino Program which I did and now I’m seeing the error “Card not found”

I thought it might be an issue with the microSD card that came with the kit but after trying another card (which I copied a few .tsv files onto) I receiving the same error.

Is there away to reset it back to the way it was shipped? So that I can start again and try and figure out if the issue is with the card or if I haven't set up the board properly.


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The tutorial with the Arduino program, and the code that ships on the TinyTV kits is the same, so this tutorial shouldn't drastically change functionality if uploaded correctly (by selecting TinyScreen+ and the correct COM# in the Arduino IDE):

If you loaded the Tiny Video Player program rather than the TinyTV kit program, you can change this in the settings menu once you solve the "Card not found" error:

It looks like you wrote in an email form as well with the same problem, but I will repeat myself here for anyone else having the same issue:
Often when this error comes up, the MicroSD and Audio TinyShield is not plugged into the TinyScreen+ board fully. Do not press with excessive force, but I recommend taking the sd card out, then taking the TinyShield out, and then trying to re-seat the board into the TinyScreen+ connector with even pressure. Test again before closing the TinyTV enclosure.


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