where is TinyTV IR receiver?


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I received a TinyTV kit for xmas and got it all assembled and working  except the TinyTV only responds to the remote if I aim it directly down the microUSB port in the top. Is this normal or have i blocked access to the receiver somehow?



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The IR Receiver is located at the top of the TinyTV on the MicroSD and Audio TinyShield. Looking at the picture on the product page, it would be the black square at the bottom of the board: https://tinycircuits.com/collections/audio/products/microsd_audio-tinyshield

When installed in the TinyTV, the chip is at the top of the TV case.

You could try using a fresh battery in the Tiny Remote, but since the enclosure blocks the receiver, you may only get around 12" of reach with the Remote at that point.

I hope that helps!



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