Strange/Funny issue with TSV Converter not reading all characters (æ ø, å)


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Hi, just wanted to post here to see if anyone else experienced issues with TSV Converter not being able to read files with names containing certain characters?
I'm from Denmark and yesterday was converting a bunch of small cartoons I downloaded from youtube.
During the conversion process I noticed how randomly some of my downloaded files wouldn't convert even though all of them were downloaded using the exact same process. The file would not load to display a preview image in the converter, and when pressing convert would just make a duplicate of the file in a .tsv format but with a size of 0 bytes.
Today it dawned on me that it might have something to do with their naming, and decided to inestigate this... Well what do you know, indeed the files I could't convert yesterdaay were files with names containing danish characters "æ", "ø" and "å".

Maybe someone else will encounter this issue in the future and find help in this post, or an update for the converter be released for it to handle a wider range of file names.
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Gusto ko talagang malaman kung paano i-scan ang site at karamihan sa mga impormasyon tungkol dito ay sapat na upang ipaliwanag?


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