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I want to show a .tsv movie on tinyscreen+, playing off an attached microSD card.  I'm following the steps in this Tiny Circuits article: "Putting Images on Your Tinyscreen"


1) I'm running the desktop IDE on a Mac. 
2) In IDE Tools menu, Tinyscreen+ is selected as Board, and the Port selected is dev/cu/usbmodem. 
3) The devices, plus the recommended battery, are attached to my Macbook Pro via USB.
4) Using an adapter, I put the microSD card in Macbook and copied "color.tsv" (test file from the article) to it.  Moved microSD card to the card reader attached to TS+.
5) Turned on TS+ stack.  Amber light goes on, then turns off after a while (does this mean battery is charged?).
6) Downloaded Tinyscreen Video Player.ino from the article.  (This is dated May 9, 2015.  Is there a newer one?  (There are several on GitHub but can't tell if any are newer or better.)
7) Opened  Tinyscreen Video Player.ino in IDE. Pressed Upload button.  Got the following error message:


Arduino: 1.8.5 (Mac OS X), Board: "TinyScreen+, Default"

/Users/tsanders/Downloads/20171218/TinyScreen_Video_Player/TinyScreen_Video_Player.ino: In function 'void loop()':
TinyScreen_Video_Player:38: error: 'class SdFile' has no member named 'getFilename'
     if(fileInfo.isFile() && fileInfo.getFilename(filename)){

exit status 1
'class SdFile' has no member named 'getFilename'


I am a complete newbie, so if this requires a change to the sketch, please be very specific.   Thank you.


Ultimately, I want to be able to just switch on the TS+ stack, and have my tsv movie play from the SD card.

Any guidance would be appreciated.   Thanks!
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Ben R

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Did you make your sd file your opening
Code: [Select]
File (yourFileName)


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