Converter board(s) to support Raspberry Pi, regular Arduino & Microduino devices


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Just curious if any thought has been given to converter boards that would provide hardware interconnection to other systems.

Some examples:

* A Tinyduino conversion board that would accommodate connecting Tinyduino shields onto a Raspbery Pi or Pi Zero.

* A Tinyduino conversion board that would allow a Tinyduino system to add on one or more Microduino peripherals and sensors.

* A Tinyduino conversion board to enable one or more traditional Arduino shields with the "Arduino standard" pinout to be connected to a Tinyduino system.

* A Tinyduino to Seeeduino sensor expansion board to tie into other off-the-shelf sensor systems.

* A Tinyduino carrier board that would allow multiple Tinyduino stacks (perhaps up to four laid out 2 x 2) that could be added to an traditional pinout Arduino (where higher processing power might be needed, etc.) but a lot of Tinyduino peripheral boards/shields could be laid out in a low-profile arrangement - or each stack could be grown as needed, but with four times the physical density than a traditional Arduino shield format could provide.

* Allow an RF board with the Digi "X-bee" pinout/layout to be added to a Tinyduino stack. The Xbee pinout accommodates both traditional Zigbee modules as well as Digi's longer-reach versions.

All in all, it would seem that by creating additional interoperability options, this would create a larger market for all of the Tinyduino peripherals that you already have created as well as allow a tremendous amount of flexibility for developers to quickly add other existing Arduino shield boards that may only be available in the traditional pinout format, but where the size of the Tinyduino stack continues to be important.

Just noting that there are already some converter boards on the market to add Arduino shields with the "traditional" pinout to be added to a Raspberry Pi system.

Any thoughts?


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