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TinyDuino Processors & TinyShields / 9 Axis IMU in World Coordinates
« on: March 02, 2016, 03:27:34 PM »
I know that the 9 Axis IMU displays the acceleration of the device's specific XYZ axes. Is it possible to output the accelerometer data according to World Coordinates (North East Down) orientation? Since the IMU has a magnetometer it should be possible?

Thanks, this clears things up for me.

I'm using the codebender code still but instead of using the pose output I am using the commented out RTMath::display("Accel:", (RTVector3&)imu->getAccel());

Hi, I have a 9 Axis Tinyshield IMU and whenever I use it doesn't seem to be calibrated. When idle, the values always add up to 1 (i.e. 0,0,1; 1,0,0 etc.) It seems that instead of being all 0's one has a value of 1 and is not calibrated. Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there a way to add acceleration due to gravity in the readings? Thus at idle it would be something like (0,0,9.8) instead of just all zeroes. I cannot find out a way to do this in the example code. I can't find a configuration or anything like that.

Help please!

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