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New Product Ideas / Screens and more for Scale RC Cars, Planes and Ships
« on: January 04, 2023, 05:24:11 AM »
Hi Tiny Circuits Team.
I am a customer of your products (Tiny Arcade) and really enjoyed the miniaturisation in your devices.
I come to you with a product suggestion.
Background: I recently created a working digital dashboard for my 1/10 scale RC Car. I used a simple Arduino Nano and a Monochrome Oled screen. The feedback in RC forums is stunning. I immediately got requests on selling it as a product. But I am no manufacturer. I just did this for fun – and continue improving it.
There is no product like this on the market. This is when your company popped back into my mind. In your products, you have a basis that is by far more powerful than the Arduino platform. And your experience in miniaturisation lends itself to model making. There are RC cars, ships and airplanes out there that could profit from all kinds of displays and other stuff.
With your “Project Kits” your already have a product line, that is 95% there on the technical side. Just missing a board that can be connected to a standard RC receiver and fitting software for RC use. And of course the electronics would need to be packaged for use in a shaky, dirty environment of an RC Car/Ship/Plane.
(You may want to have a look how “RC light kits” are designed for use in RC Cars)
RC people are used to pay good prices if they get special products. But I think your products are generally not known in the RC world.
Maybe a market worth looking into?

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