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I thought some of you might like to see a 3D printed marble track I made that incorporates some tiny circuits components.

I used the tinysaber in the 'LED Track' section, and in the 'Audio Track' section I used a tinyzero, speaker, ambient light sensor, wireling adapter, large button and microphone.

To take a look go here

In practical terms, what does 'lithium battery management' mean for the TinyZero. Does it turn off so the battery does not go below a certain voltage? Also, does the lithium battery charge when the tinyzero is plugged in via the usb cable?

Any help/insight appreciated, and thanks in advance to anyone who replies  :)

Hey all,

When I upload the audio amplifier example sketch to my tinyzero/wireling adapter it disconnects itself from the port (after successful upload), and in order for it to be available/visible on the port once more I need to put it into bootloader mode.

This does not happen when I upload the blink sketch.

Does anyone know what may be the cause of this?



Hey everyone,

I make marble tracks and I'm using a tinysaber in a new piece of track I am building. I'm embedding it in a piece of track and I want the LEDs to light up sequentially when a marble hits hit (so once the accelerometer senses movement basically).

I'm not so great at programming however, so I have a suggestion for a bit of a trade which will hopefully be a win/win. If someone is up for making the code I will send them a 'pro pack' of the marble track which retails for around $250

Here's my website so you can get a better idea of the marble track I'm offering from my side of the trade:

I've attached a little video of the track with the tinysaber embedded in it so you can see what I'm referring to as well.

I'm hoping someone replies, but on the off chance that more than once person does I will honour the first person to say they will do it.

I look forward to hearing from you, and if you need clarification on anything I've said please just let me know,


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