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Hello Rena, here is a copy of a note I sent via   Note that my original messages states the sensor I am using via the part number on the package the sensors come in.   The following explains further. 

Issue:  I am connecting to the module directly to the pin inputs, not the connector.  This is being installed on an existing product with mature software that typically uses a SparkFun or Adafruit or Smart-Proto module of similar design (i.e. a carrier board for the LSM9DS1)   Those work well.  Connections have been checked and re checked. All voltages on your module meet requirements (3.3 volts). The module does not respond to requests via the I2C bus.   The driver used is a custom driver that works perfectly with other vendors modules.

I suspect your unit is shipping with a power down mode enabled ?  Or is using a different I2C address rather than that the LSM9DS1 ships with ?   I can't find a copy of the Tinycircuits driver online that I could inspect, if there is one online that is source code maybe that would help me ?   If there is some setting that is not apparent from the online info could you please share this with me ?    I could potentially add a test to the driver I have created.

I have a package of 15 I ordered that is rendered useless if I cannot resolve this.  Can I return these for a refund ?

Thanks for you support.

Hi,  I have an order of 15 units and I am trying to use them in an Arduino environment with a custom device driver. The driver works with similar boards from Sparkfun, Adafruit, and Smartproto.  I am guessing the failure has to do with a setting, like a sleep mode, that is enabled , or dis enabled , on the TINYCIRCUITS board, or a setting made at production time of the LSM9DS1.  I have measured all the voltages on the board, and have confirmed several times all connections. Note that this all works with the other vendors solutions as is.  Is there a setting I have to re program from LSM9DS1 factory settings ?  Or a jumper somewhere on the TINYCIRCUITS board ?   
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