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I have more information after trying different things and adding debug to the ti driver.

Tried on ide 1.6.x and 1.0.6.  No change.
Tried with and without protoboard connected.  No change.

Debug shows that the connect call is proper but after a few seconds a disconnect is received by the call back from the cc3000.  No data with it, just a disconnect.

Tried on my second network again and it began to "try" to work but not completely.  Meaning it would sometimes connect, sometimes get a dhcp address, but never resolve a name to ip.

All of this is just flaky.  AP is 25 feet away.  Rssi is around 35 as reported by device.  I think this board just isnt ready for primetime.  Going to take it all back to my retailer and get a refund.  Thanks for trying.

I have the following stack:
Processor with lipo support, battery is connected

When I try the webclient or wifi test sketches from the Adafruit CC3000 library I see the wifi is initialized properly, I can see all the networks around me via ssid scan, but the device never connects to my network.  I even see my network in the ssid scan.  I have tried on two different networks and both fail.  Both are WPA networks.  The passphrases are correct.  The port numbers (2, A3, 8, etc) have been changed in the sketch.

When I turn on debugging in the CC3000 library it says "Waiting to connect.....Timed out"  Does this over and over.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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