Thumby not booting properly/unresponsive on boot


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I've tried everything that is listed in the Thumby FAQ related to my issue.

I received a Thumby last year for Christmas, and have had no issues whatsoever with it, up until last Saturday, when it was having issues when turning it on. I can confirm that the Thumby is charged, as I charged it last night, and the indicator tells me that it's charged (I verified this by unplugging and plugging it back in after charged.)

Sometimes, the Thumby device turns on, displays the TinyCircuits logo and freezes, it displays the TinyCircuits logo, and in the middle of the scroll animation from TinyCircuits to Thumby logo, it freezes, it also sometimes lets me see the whole thing up to the point where it displays the Thumby logo and the arrow selecting the Start entry flash for a few seconds then freeze, or it doesnt freeze, until user input is given. It also most times doesn't show anything at all (either it froze before the TinyCircuits logo could display, or it didn't boot properly.)

I plugged it into my computer this morning via a USB cable (WITH DATA TRANSFER CAPABILITIES) and I tried to access it through Chrome via WebUSB. This did not work, and I looked at the FAQ to see if there was anything. I tried giving it the firmware file as the FAQ suggested. RPI-RP2 mounted to the computer, I put it in there, and it unmounted and rebooted, and then remounted as RPI-RP2. So obviously, that's not working either.

I'm hoping I can find another way to restore the Thumby firmware, but I've ran out of ideas. I've installed only a couple of games beside the default games that came with it. Please help!

- Alex


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Hi, sorry to hear about your issue.

The fact that it still doesn't work after trying to restore the firmware using the instructions in the FAQ means that the hardware is erroring out or broken in some way.

Please try sending us a message using this form Please provide the the month and year it was ordered and optimally the email and name of the person who ordered it. This will let us look up the order.

Again, sorry this happened.


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