TinyShield MATRIX Guide?


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Just received my Matrix shield... Does anyone have a tutorial on how to use this with the TinyDuino?

IF POSSIBLE; Something like a basic scrolling text?


Ogre Lawless

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I found myself in the same boat: it works with the LoL Shield library with some modifications and that has a font example sketch that works well enough.

I made the following modifications inside the library:

In Charliplexing.h:
#define DISPLAY_COLS 6     // Number of columns in the display
#define DISPLAY_ROWS 9   

In Charlipexing.cpp:
const LEDPosition PROGMEM ledMap[54] = {
  L(5,6), L(8,6), L(6,9), L(2,7), L(8,9), L(2,3),
  L(6,5), L(6,8), L(9,6), L(7,2), L(9,8), L(3,2),
  L(5,7), L(7,6), L(6,4), L(3,7), L(8,4), L(3,4),
  L(7,5), L(6,7), L(4,6), L(7,3), L(4,8), L(4,3),
  L(5,8), L(2,5), L(6,3), L(4,7), L(8,3), L(2,9),
  L(8,5), L(5,2), L(3,6), L(7,4), L(3,8), L(9,2),
  L(5,9), L(3,5), L(6,2), L(9,7), L(8,2), L(3,9),
  L(9,5), L(5,3), L(2,6), L(7,9), L(2,8), L(9,3),
  L(5,4), L(4,5), L(7,8), L(8,7), L(9,4), L(4,9),

Not all the LOL examples work.  I've found you can use:

  • LoLShield_FontTest -- will do scrolling text and works nicely with the matrix
  • LoLShield_BasicTest
  • LoLSheild_Breathe
  • LoLShield_FadeTest
  • LoLShield_Plasma

These don't work as well:
  • LoLShield_CharlieHeart
  • LoLShield_DoubleHelix -- I think its working but unreadable.  Nice demo of shading values.
  • LoLShield_Invader
  • LoLShield_Life
  • LoLShield_Pong
  • LoLShield_Tetris

Good luck!  I'll see if I can't get this and some other goodies available online somewhere:  attachments are apparently not configured here :(

Ogre Lawless

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I've managed to get a library that's a downscaled fork the LoLShield library and the above modifications along with graph paper and pinout templates for the shield here:


General library installation information here:


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Thank you for the new library.

I realize I'm late to the party. But Did you have have any examples that might help me make sense of how I can use it?

Thank you in advance.


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