breadboard for tinyduino,routing multiple wires to ground.


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once you have protoshield and you know how to use the signals, and you need wiring.
I know how to use breadboard, however I dont know how to design a proper pcb circuit.

1. is there small thin breadboard for tiny duino that will be on top protoboard or can I make one easily?
2.almost all components needs to be routed to ground, there are 2-3 ground holes in proto shield,
how do solve it (in breadboard there are 2 rows  of ground ) there a way  you send non professional sketches(basic wiring) to manufacture small amount say 10 circuit
at a reasonable price (below 100$)?

BTW-I'm not an electrical engineer thus the questions.



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1. like a breadboard shield thats common on the Uno's? not that i'm aware of. not much size if that was the case since everything on tinyduinos are smd thus a thru hole shield wouldnt offer much size for many components.
2. all the grounds on the pro shield should be tied together. just take any of them and connect to your breadboard ground.
3. yes. OSHpark is a popular one. they are awesome and cheap. but you'll need to have your files prepared before uploading. so that means you need software like Eagle experience, or know someone that can draw a layout up for you.


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For my robot pony ears I pigtailed a wire from ground to a bunch of other ground wires It wasn't very pretty but it worked.

Later I took and rewired my 5 ground wires to have 2 wires to one and then 3 wires to one. Made it much more manageable.

You could take and modify another protoboard, remove its connector and just use it as a terminal / bus bar, where you connect all your grounds in a row and then solder then together on the bottom. And since you removed the connector you can place it in the stack.

Just a thought


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