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Hello guys! I just got my Thumby on amazon! (go check that out here. ➡ https://www.amazon.com/TinyCircuits-Console-Playable-Programmable-Keychain/dp/B0B5FHYJ83) so I'm just wondering what the controls are. What does the "A" and "B" button do I'm so confused lol

Anyway, if your answering this @Jason, Just know that I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time :)

Thanks, RankXPHO

Edit: If you're getting a Thumby, would recommend, definitely not a scam, ∞/10. But if you dont wan't it and it's too small for you, get a GameBoy (good luck buying that lol) here it is ➡ https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Game-Boy-Original-Gray-PC/dp/B000R08L7M. Anyway, somebody update me when you know what the controls are.

Thanks, RankXPHO
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