LRA Wireling Audio-to-Vibrate Issue


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Hello, I am using the LRA Wireling and the Tiny Lily Processor in a project with a small split camera. The problem I am running into is that with the same battery providing power to both the camera and the Tiny Lily/LRA Wireling, the LRA motor does not activate. However if I power the camera and the Tiny Lily/LRA Wireling off of separate batteries, the LRA functions just fine. I am running the recommended coupling capacitor between the output on the board (where I removed the pcb speaker) and the LRA Wireling input.

Attached is a labeled photo of the circuit, and the code I am running. Thanks in advance!

#include <Wire.h>             // For using I2C communication
#include "Adafruit_DRV2605.h" // For interfacing with the DRV2605 chip
#include <Wireling.h>

Adafruit_DRV2605 drv;   // The variable used to interface with the DRV2605 chip

// Make Serial Monitor compatible for all TinyCircuits processors
#if defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_AVR)
  #define SerialMonitorInterface Serial
#elif defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD)
#define SerialMonitorInterface SerialUSB
void setup() {

  // Initialize and power wireling

  //The port is the number on the Adapter board where the sensor is attached

  SerialMonitorInterface.println("LRA Audio to Vibrate");


  // ac coupled input, puts in 0.9V bias
  drv.writeRegister8(DRV2605_REG_CONTROL1, 0x20); 
  // analog input
  drv.writeRegister8(DRV2605_REG_CONTROL3, 0xA3);
  //drv.writeRegister8(DRV2605_REG_AUDIOLVL, 0x32);
  drv.writeRegister8(DRV2605_REG_AUDIOMAX, 0x4B);

  drv.writeRegister8(DRV2605_REG_AUDIOOUTMIN, 0xFF);
  drv.writeRegister8(DRV2605_REG_AUDIOOUTMAX, 0xFF);


void loop() {


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