Turning dial sometimes shows static but stays on same channel?

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Well, very cool, sorry you had to put time in on this but I think that's a valid path to let the interrupt states variables run, but only 'keep' the latest change. Did you test this with decreasing timeouts? For example 10ms instead of 20ms? Just out of curiosity as to how much time is needed for your hardware with the more significant issue.

Otherwise, we'll test here and I'll let you know how it goes.



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The datasheet said "6ms bounce, 6ms jitter", so I tried 6ms, and had one bounce in couple dozen tests....  then I realised that the datasheet might be trying to tell me to use 12ms total... and then I said, hell, let's be safe, if the frame rate is so low anyway, and bumped it all the way up to 20 like the power button uses.....    but then even at that point, I still got a single bounce in a few dozen more tests, so I gave up adjusting anything, lol.   So yeah, the exact numbers are a little up for debate (especially since, like I mentioned in the pull request, I realised that there's actually a slight bug, in that it'll wait for the specified duration AFTER the signal settles....  but again, it didn't seem worth worrying about because these amounts are still imperceptibly small, to me.)


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