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Several things I'm having issues with....

When I convert a file, the app states it will be roughly ***MB big after the conversion, yet it is still a large file.  Am I missing something here, or is that just the way it goes?

Also, has anyone else reported issues with high CPU power usage?  CPUID reports upwards of 220w+ on a 12700k.  I've got a 420mm AIO with a decent fan curve and this app pushed it all the way to 100c.  I'm sorry, but that's kinda nuts.  Is there a better way to convert that doesn't risk thermal throttling? 

Ben Rose

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Hi- yes, files will be pretty large for the low quality video due to the encoding. Modern high compression formats require a lot of processing power and memory, the TinyTV 2/Mini AVI format is just JPG frames and uncompressed audio which allows it to be decoded by the microcontroller inside the TVs.

I haven't really heard that feedback before. The app is a simple UI for FFmpeg, which is pretty widely used. Converting video requires a lot of processing power- it's CPU only and maybe only single threaded, so your processor might be at the highest frequency when running it. It's probably converting faster for you than other people with slower processors, but will definitely use a lot of processor time/create some heat. Not sure what we could do in this area, let me know if you have any thoughts.



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I agree with Ben.  Powerful CPU can do it very quickly but will draw a lot of power.  My experience is similar. 


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