Sound does not work/ red wire was disconnected


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When I put movie files on the sd card, the sound randomly cut out so I reassembled thinking something had popped out of place. The red wire had become detached on reassembly (pic), nothing else seems bent out of shape (pins, etc). Note that the files and sound were being read fine right before the sound and screen cut out.

What should I do to reattach the red wire and make the sound work?

New to this so have no idea what to even look up. Can I reconnect it with electric tape?
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Hi there,

You can try electrical tape, but if the connection is not strong enough, the speaker will not produce audio.

the best way to fix the speaker would be by soldering the wire back to the metal pad on the speaker - again, this might work with tape but you would have to handle the TV delicately afterwards.

We also sell the speakers separately on our website if you were interested in a replacement:

Let me know if you have any other questions!



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