A newbie asking for Help for a custom Inclinometer project :)


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Hi! Let me start by saying that I'm totally new at this and found this site after a lot of searching on the web about a nice solution for my problem. I need and inclinometer that has the sensor and the display away from each other (connected by a 1 m or less cable probably), I've searched for this and the solutions that came up are too expensive (for a pro market) or have the display and inclinometer as one unit, I've thought about dissemble a unit for my usage, I was surprised because I knew that more sophisticated sensors are used for FPV pilots that even send wireless information to remote controllers... so why is a roll (and maybe tilt) inclinometer with a wired display so hard to find! :(  . Then I found this website with custom builds for an array of applications, maybe I could find a solution for my problem:

I founded this one: https://tinycircuits.com/blogs/learn/117328583-tiny-inclinometer that seems promising, I've just had to find the way of detach the display so I could mount it to my camera monitor and attach the sensor to the camera body

and this one got my attention: https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Kits/TinySaber_Programming_Tutorial/ . Because a led stripe would be a more intuitive display for out of balance information than numbers on a display, but it seems that it was only thought for that kit.

Any direction on the right way would be so helpful, Thanks!


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Hi there,

The Tiny Inclinometer project could work with the use of a ribbon cable TinyShield to distance the display shield by 6 inches - unfortunately, the ribbon cable TinyShield would still need to be attached to the display and would make that section of the project two boards thick. The ribbon cable: https://tinycircuits.com/collections/cables-connectors/products/tinyshield-ribbon-cable-extender

The TinySaber board has an accelerometer built-in, so it sounds like that would be the best option for your project guidelines. You can buy the kit and use just the board for your application if that works best for you. Here's a programming tutorial: https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Kits/TinySaber_Programming_Tutorial/

I hope that helps.



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