New game: Flucht


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My game has just been added to the arcade.

It's played in portrait mode, so your Thumby will be horizontal instead of vertical, and the screen will be taller than wide. It's a one button game, any Thumby button will work.

You can also play it in your browser!

I made a compatibility layer so that I could play it on my desktop as well as on a web browser, using pygame and webassembly. More info on this repo:

Feel free to use my code (MIT licensed), and use the same concept to be able to "export" your games for your desktop or browser. The compatibility layer is not complete (I only implemented what I needed), but it can be a start if you're interested.

You can see a video of what it looks like on the Thumby itself on this tweet: (retweets appreciated but not needed). It runs pretty smooth, I believe around 30fps. I have a FPS counter disabled by default that I enabled every now and then for debugging and optimizing.

I'm excited to get other people to play it! :)


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The pixel trail and failure animation are so polished! Simple but incredible. Well done!

Thanks for sharing!


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I'm literally addicted to this. :D
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