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Hi, I received my Thumby yesterday and decided to try to quickly hack a game together.
I just finished a 1.0 and posted it to the arcade ( )

It is kind of a Tron game using a virtual scrolling screen.

I am not a python developer, so the code is probably not so nice, but it works and looks cool.

Since only left and right direction change are required I put "left turn" on all direction buttons and "right turn" on A/B buttons. That makes it really well to play.

There might be a multiplayer mode in the future, either on the same thumby (madness!) or using the link cable (more realistic).

Have Fun,


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This is fun! I really like the division of actions for left turn on the d-pad and right turn on the action buttons, makes the game very playable on the Thumby!

Thanks for sharing!


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