Hi and I have questions.


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First Hello members of the forum.
Second I have questions already
1. When I put the 1632 battery into the processor board, are there LEDs that are supposed to blink?  I've seen LEDs turn on some times, but after that they are no longer on no matter what I do.  Voltage on battery is still 2.7V.

2. Error when trying to upload blink code.  I've followed the instructions correctly on the tinycircuit website and made sure that the ports are correct.  Also, I've pressed the reset button on the board.  I'm using processor, USB, and tinyshield rev4.  My error reads:
"avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000 0x0c != 0x00"

my friend says there is already data on the board that must be cleared before I upload.  I notice that the TD is not from Arduino so maybe using the Arduino 1.0.5 is different when uploading to the TD.

Thank you for your help in advance


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Behavior of my boards:

1. TinyDuino by itself.  Putting 1632 battery in makes green LED blink once.  Pressing and releasing restart button makes green LED blink once.

2. Same behavior with TinyShield USB board attached.

3. TinyDuino + USB board, no battery. Plugging it into USB power makes green LED blink 8 times, both RX and TX amber LEDs on USB board blink twice. Pressing restart button makes green LED blink once. (running Windows 8.1, assume behavior would be the same with other OS or versions.)

Don't understand avrdude error, someone else probably will.  The AVR MEGA328p chips, when from Arduino or an Arduino type board (TinyCircuits) do have code on them, the bootloader code, which is what allows the sketch to be uploaded. I don't know if this code is locked or not, i.e. whether it can be overwritten from an Arduino sketch, but if using Arduino sketches, one generally does not want to do that, you want and need that bootloader code in there.

However, any other sketch code loaded previously will not matter and will be overwritten (leaving the bootloader code untouched).

 If, under Tools, you have definitely chosen the correct Port and the correct Board (Arduino Pro or Pro Mini), then I do not know.


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