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I want to try building the GPS tracker, I'm a falconer, so micro GPS tracking units is something that is really interesting to me.  However, my question is does the instructions/unit offered on this site, allow for real time tracking?  It appears that it allows you to view the tracking information after the fact?  Is there a way to build something with the items on this site, that would be small and accomplish something like that?  Also, is there a way that I could utilize a Hornet Org1411 - OriginGPS unit instead of the unit on this site? 

I really appreciate everyone/anyones help with this!  I'm very new to this, so I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.  Essentially what I want to do is attach the GPS to a pack on my hawks back and be able to track her while she is flying, using my cell phone, I hope that makes sense.   Thank you!
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Ours GPS Tracker project isn't able to communicate real time results. As you have seen, you can access the data after the fact which might not be ideal for tracking a falcon.

The hornet GPS component you mentioned would need a board built around it to connect with other electronic components from what I'm able to understand from their website. If you have more information on how the chip is applied to products, I'd be happy to read through them.

A few years ago, we did prototype a GPS bird board with solar panels for recharging and some other useful sensors to assist an Oklahoma college, but it's a pretty involved project that would involve a lot of software time. It's on pause until we can get a grant for funding, or work with a University or some team to collaborate with us.



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