Unable to connect using WINC1500 Wifi shield with Tinyduino Zero processor


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Hi all,

I am trying to make a simple web client with my shiny new Tinyduino Zero and WiFi shield (these are the only two shields in my setup). I have installed the latest Tinyduino boards and wifi101 library. I am aware of the 'WiFi.setPins(8, 2, A3, -1)' requirement for this board. I am able to select the board, load and run sketches, and verify the WiFi shield firmware.

I am able to build, load and mostly run the wifi101 library examples and the wifi101 reference doc examples on arduino.cc (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/WiFi101). The board is able to connect to multiple Wifi access points and to ping various Internet sites (www.google.com, arduino.cc, example.org, etc). However, the board is unable to connect to any web servers using the WiFiClient. The WiFiClient connect always times out, even for hosts that I can successfully ping. I have tried both SSL and unencrypted sites with all the combinations of WiFiClient.connect(), WiFiClient.connectSSL(), WiFiSSLClient.connect(), and WiFiSSLClient.connectSSL(). I am at a loss. Perhaps someone can help me see the forest, I seem to be too close to the trees.

Update: I am able to connect to local IP addresses (those inside the NAT). It seems likely that DNS is working as expected, since ping works. However, access to hosts outside the local network, outside of the NAT, are not accessible through TCP. Per ping, it seems that ICMP is working. I have not yet tested UDP.

Arduino IDE is: 1.8.19
WiFi 101 library is: 0.16.1
WiFi board firmware is: 19.6.1

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