Help programming the TinyScreen+

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So I got the standard screen and it needs to be programmed to play videos.

I followed the instructions here and here:

I got through the first part.

Second part, I downloaded and opened the TinyTV.ino file and opened the programming program.
Where I'm stuck is, where I need to set the programmer.  I can't see the option for "Arduino as ISP".  I only have three options starting with "ATMEL". 

Also, when I go to select a port, it only says COM3.  When I was doing the first part setting up the programs, the Port showed something like COM3(TinyScreen+) but now it doesn't say TinyScreen.

So that's where I'm at now.  Any help would be greatly appreciated :) 


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Were you able to upload the example in the first tutorial?

To see the right board's port, you want to make sure the hardware is turned ON and you are selecting the right items in the Arduino IDE.

You should be able to select "TinyScreen+" for your Board under the "TinyCircuits SAMD Boards" option found in the Tools/Board menu. The SAMD21 processor is made by Atmel, but it is not an 'ATMEL' board, so that would be incorrect to select.

There's a photo reference here for what to select:

The 'Arduino as ISP' shouldn't be an option from what I can tell. the two options you need to change in the Tools menu are the board (TinyScreen+) and the Port (COM# (TinyScreen+)) - everything else you should be able to leave as the default selections. Then just press the 'Upload' arrow button.

I hope that helps!



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