I need a "tiny" help or direction


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I'm creating free to 3d print models for a popular console Game, and I want to add a bluetooth speaker, a mini screen and a wireless charger inside the main core, right now after check all the tiny circuits I see i probably can use the tiny video player, but I want to know if there's a way to add the bluetooth connection with startup sound, I'm not an advanced programer, but I can try to create it if it's need, I just want a little advice about what I can use from tiny circuits I have a small space to insert a circuit (50x50 cm ) inside a sphere.


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Hiya there,

The Tiny Video Player is a great kit for playing custom videos with sound in a small space, by converting videos using our free TSV Converter (https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Kits/TSV-Converter-Tutorial/) and placing converted videos on the SD Card. The screen included with the kit is 0.96" diagonally which equates to around 2.5cm. If your space is 50x50cm, then our stuff might be too tiny.

Since the video player kit comes with a speaker, do you think you will still need a Bluetooth speaker connection? I will be honest that programming Bluetooth is not a trivial process that I would recommend for beginners. Can you tell me more about what you envision your end product doing, or looking like so I can guide you on the best way, or workaround, forward?



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