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I have been following the game development tutorial for the pocket arcade, and have had trouble getting the first upload to work, until i noticed that the error text just above the exit statements reads "undefined reference to `'ALPHA'", which I was also thinking about as I was typing this out, and there is also no other line referencing alpha up to this point in the tutorial (at least in the main file), it also doesn't appear anywhere in the complete sketch at the top of the page.

However, I did find what alpha is supposed to be defined as in the complete file linked at the bottom of the page, which is:
"const uint16_t ALPHA = 0x1111;" which is located at the very top of the .ino file, now it works as it should (successfully uploading to the device showing the ball)

could you update the tutorial so that no one else has trouble getting their first game to work?



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Hi there,

It looks like the ALPHA variable is only explicitly shown to be added to the GameTutorialSprites.h file. It's mentioned in this step of the tutorial 'Adding Bitmap Sprites': https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Help/Developing-a-Game-For-Tiny-Arcade_Tutorial/#adding-bitmap-sprites

It looks like the line"const uint16_t ALPHA = 0x1111;" that's included in the GameTutorial.ino file at the end of the tutorial is partially shown in a few places of the tutorial (like in this step: https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Help/Developing-a-Game-For-Tiny-Arcade_Tutorial/#exporting-binary-files-from-the-arduino-ide), but you're correct that the value assigned isn't mentioned, which leaves the tutorial incomplete. I'll add the line to the tutorial so that no one else faces the same problem. Thank you for letting us know about the issue!



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