TinyDuino and custom flex sensor hookup help needed!


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Hello fellow Tiny lovers... I need some assistance with wiring a series of flex sensors to the Tiny prototype board - or even a breadboard... Here's the dilemma: The flex sensor comes from an old, long since discontinued toy, and is essentially five individual sensors on one flat flexible ribbon cable with all pathways run to a single connection... The original control board ribbon cable interface runs each circuit to a pair of resistors(?) on the control board - but I can't tell what they are... only identifying writing looks like "SDN" or maybe "5DN". Of course with the company now defunct, obtaining info on the tech specs is impossible - the only contact I can find from the company at all is their former sales guy...
So... any big brains out there willing to help me sort this puzzle out?
This project is a big part of why I chose and backed TinyDuino from the very beginning - and hope a fellow Tiny supporter can help me out...

If you can help me out in anyway, please feel free to email me directly: justin@omnionix.com.



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