Do Videos resume from the beginning upon restart of the device?


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 My intent was to download an entire season of the original MacGyver TV show as well as some 80's commercials along with the Ghostbusters movie or something. Does the default "TinyTVmode" resume all channels from where they left off after turning it off?   or does it just start all channels from the beginning and play them simultaneously upon restart?   If the latter is true that would make putting an entire season or long movie on the SD card kind of pointless I suppose as you would have to watch the entire thing in a single sitting before turning off and going back to the beginning again?   

I understand that would probably require some form of flash storage to remember a hashtag to resume and given the size of the device that might not be feasible.  It would be cool though to turn it on and not always see the same content starting again. 

I will always support companies like TinyCircuits and Adafruit.  I hope you continue making cool things.


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There isn't a current 'save your spot' feature, but you can change the tinytv mode to the video player mode so that you would be able to step through videos and play/pause/fast forward through them. You can change the mode and a few other features using the settings menu:

Thank you for your support! We love making cool stuff  :)



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