Option to Turn the Thumby Emulator Sideways


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As I wrap up major updates to NanoMem, in considering which idea from my "High Likelihood of Adequate Functionality" list to work on next, I've decided to try to implement NanoBird, my mockup of a Flappy Bird demake. As my mockup assumes that the user has the Thumby held sideways for the purpose of having a tall aspect ratio (which is also the case for several of my other demake mockups), I was wondering if it would be possible to implement an option to emulate the Thumby tilted sideways, with the arrow keys remapped accordingly? All my mockups assume that the Thumby would be tilted with the D-Pad on the bottom, though in case anyone else has an idea that would have the device flipped the other way around, perhaps the option for Thumby emulation tilted in either direction would be helpful.


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For a quick hack while prototyping right now, you can rotate the whole HTML element using the transform property. See my attachment for details.

Obviously, this won't rotate the d-pad mapping or how Screen X and Y are defined.


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