How do I remove the black selection bar on the Tiny Video Player?


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Greetings!  I just received the TC Tiny Video Player for a build I am working on.  I copied all the TSV files off the MiniSD card and added 1 converted Mp4 to TSV and after assembly I turned it on and it worked!  Now here is the "However"; there is scrolling black bar in the center of the screen.  I can shut it off with a press of the button, but because of the build, it will not be accessible or feasible to keep pressing a tiny button.  I have the Arduino IDE software and I download the codes.  I don't want to mess this circuit up and leave it dead.   Are there detailed instructions on modifying the code to allow me just to power on the video player and play just my video.

Also I would like to ask if it would be possible to extend the power switch by carefully soldering wires from the board to my main panel switches.?


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Yes, you can absolutely remove the black bar. We have a Settings menu built into the program, so I believe you would just need to turn on "Auto-Play" in the settings and the black bar would disappear. You may want to play around with some of the settings to get the right functionality for your project:

It is possible to solder wires onto the switch and I can find a diagram that would help with this, but I would recommend not doing this unless you are skilled with soldering in small spaces or if you trust yourself! This would involve soldering wires onto the pads of the existing switch which is close to other hardware that could be easily damaged if not being careful.

Another way to extend the power switch is to leave the hardware switch "ON" without a lithium battery and control the power using a Micro USB cable plugged into the top of the TinyScreen+ and plugged into a more easily controllable power source (like a wall outlet).

Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!



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