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I was wondering if there is any future plan to make other screen sizes available for the Tiny Video player?
I have been building some custom arcades with them and would love some slightly larger screens.
or are there any screens elsewhere that are compatible?


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1. We do not currently have plans to make a larger TinyTV specific board. We do have a touchscreen (240x240 pixels) that is larger than that 0.96" (96x64). I am not sure on the measurements off the top of my head, but we did get the TinyTV code working with the screen during our testing phase and it could be a possibility in the future. That being said, with the worldwide chip shortage and a lot of other supply-chain issues stemming from the pandemic, we do not have the ability to estimate when we would have this new touchscreen processor product or any other new products we have in the works. :(

2. The 0.96" screen and driver/processor are on the same board, the TinyScreen+, so it would be difficult to add an external screen into the hardware stack without needing to swap some hardware/do some soldering and re-programming. It’s possible but would require some thought.

Adafruit offers more variety in screen sizes (they have a 1.5” and 1.27” which may work for you), but it looks like you would have to get larger screens and do some soldering to work with them since their screen boards are just the screens and an SD Card holder. You will also need to do some programming since it looks like their examples end with static images and do not include video support – I could be wrong here and there could be software or a tutorial that I didn’t find with their hardware, but a software example is not readily available from their graphics library. I am no expert on Adafruit products, so it may help to get in touch with their support team/forum to ask what the best way forward is and how you could leverage our hardware with theirs to create the perfect/easiest hybrid solution for your project.

We did at one point design a smaller TinyTV - that we call TinierTV - and we were excited to offer it in the future, but the smaller screen isn't available for purchase now or at any predictable point in the future due to the manufacturers not having enough demand to build more of the smaller screens. I included a picture of the TinierTV enclosure that we designed for the all-in-one TinierTV board.

I wish it were easier to swap out larger and smaller screens on the TinyTV hardware, but unfortunately, different screens require different hardware configurations which makes the solution of different screens not trivial.

I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any additional questions or remarks.


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