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TL;DR : do you know what material and method is used by TinyCircuits to 3D print the enclosures for Tiny TV and Tiny watch? Or any other recommendations? Would be neat if this was mentioned next to the 3D files offered.

I'm making a device for a present based on TinyScreen+. At first I was able to use the enclosure from the TinyWatch DIY kit (had to whip out my file). It actually worked really well, the material was sturdy and flexible enough, precisely and cleably printed. But I needed a longer battery life so I decided to fiddle with the 3D model (started from the Tiny TV model actually) and changed it to suit my specific device. Now that I need to print it, it turns out it's not that simple. I don't know anything about 3D printing and I decided to just put a couple of orders though local consumer 3D printing firms. But so far I'm unimpressed with their work compared to what I got as part of the TinyWatch DIY kit.

From a couple of tries I had the 3d firns do, it looks like "FDM ABS" is not precise enough, and "Resin" is better, but still a bit rough and looks like rubber (way too flexible).


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Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely add something to the product page with more information on how we get our 3D products printed.

We use the printing service JawsTec and print our TinyTV's and Smart Watch cases out of SLS Nylon, with the Default color option, and a raw finish.

I hope that helps!




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