TinyZero with Servo Shield and example program


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The TinyZero with ServoShield runs the sample program to make servos oscillate if the Serial Monitor is opened, as the instructions state.  It continues if the TZ is unplugged from the USB port, but stops and will not restart if the TZ is cycled on/off/on while unplugged from the USB.  The TZ is operating on the Lipo battery.

Is there some code I can add to the sample program so the ServoShield will operate the servos when turned on while not attached to the computer and Serial Monitor?


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Hello Steve,

You will just need to comment out the line:

  while(!SerialMonitorInterface)//This will block until the Serial Monitor is opened on TinyScreen+/TinyZero platform

Then the example you have should work without the Serial Monitor (wirelessly)



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