Battery CR1632 isn`t enough for the TD sandwich

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I`m a noob in circuits and a mere programmer in fact. I have your board with

I managed to make these thing work in sync, and everything work fine with USB connected. I tried standalone mode with battery CR1632 and that was a fail. My TD sandwich cant boot up. If I connect it for a sec to the USB while the battery is there, and then disconnect, it boots up and works but digit leds barely glow and output from the IR sensor is lower than with the USB. I think the IR emitter glow is faint as well.
Any insights? Could that be due to wrong resistors? I don`t know how to calculate them, so part of their values are stolen as is from the internet, another was just pretty random o_O.


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Hi Braza,

The coin cell option is nice for a lot of low power applications, however a coin cell can only put out around 5 - 10mA, so anything higher power will need a beefier battery.  The TinyDuino processor board does have two pins on it to allow connection to an external power source, like a bigger battery pack, which is sounds like you'll need. 

Some of your other issues will be due to the voltage difference, so you should choose the resistor values based on the voltage of the battery pack if that's what you'll be using long term.


Ken Burns


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