Issue with the Temperature / Humidity Shield reading 20 degrees F high


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My stack in order:
TinyDuino Coincell ASM2001-R-B
BLE ST Shield ASD2116-R
USB Shield ASD2101-R
Temperature/Humidity Shield ASD2511-R-T

My sketch is attached.

The problem I'm having is the temperature reads roughly 20 degrees high. After some Googling, I decided to see what some air flow over the stack would do, vs it just sitting on my desk. Since I don't have a fan handy, I simple hung it over the side from the USB cable and swung it back and forth. After several minutes the temperature reading dropped to 77 degree, which is pretty close to room temperature. Of course once I stopped swinging it the temp went back up. It doesn't seem to matter the orientation of the stack, whether it is vertical ||| or horizontal =, same readings.

My current thought is to get some readings at different ambient temperatures, then adjust the reading in software. But I would like to know how others have solved this issue.

Thank you!



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