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Hi All,
This is my first Tiny project.  I cannot seem to get past the following point.  I have built the boards and uploaded the sketch properly.  Here is what I see in the serial monitor....

Initializing Flash Memory...

Determining write/read start point...

Send 'y' to start read mode. Write mode will begin in 10 seconds...

Now initiating write mode.

Attempting to wake GPS module.. done.

So now what is the process for unplugging this device and going remote with it? 

I have a 500mAh battery plugged in. 
I turn the power switch off.
I unplug the USB cable. 
Then I switch the power switch back on. (P13 blinks once)
Now I wait for the P13 light to give me some indication of life.  Nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

I have a Tinyscreen+ also.  I have tried to complete the BATTERY VOLTAGE READING USING THE TINYSCREEN+ tutorial. I can upload the TinyScreenBasicExample and it works great.  When I upload the battery sketch then unplug the USB and switch the device on, nothing comes on the screen. 

What am I doing wrong?

All sketches are downloaded from the Tiny Circuits website tutorials. 

Seems I am missing something here....


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This sounds like a battery problem!
It reminds me of a similar problem I had when using a Lipoly battery sourced via amazon and not from Tinycircuits. The battery initially looked exactly the same and the plug fitted as well, but the polarity of the wires going into the plug was swapped around (took me about a week of on and off trial and error, charging with different chargers etc. to figure this out :-( ....!)
The proper orientation for the Tinyduino when the pug is pointing away from you (cable towards you) and the metal contacts are visible, is  red(plus) left and black (minus) right (as seem on the images of the batteries in the shop section of this page!)

Hope this helps!


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