Video Player with Tinyscreen & MicroSD TinyShield


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Hi, I am trying to make a video player with the Tinycircuit.

The parts I have are:
TinyDuino Processor
OLED TinyScreen
TinyShield USB
TinyShield MicroSD
MicroSD Card and Reader

I tested out my TinyShield MicroSD and it's working fine, I am able to read files and open them.
Color.tsv is displayed as shown in the link.

However, when I tried to make my own tsv file using this tutorial to convert mp4 to tsv files and load it into the  TinyShield MicroSD card, the tsv files when played is always glitching and flickering as shown in the attached photo.

Is there a limit to the video in terms of size/ frame rate pixels etc? How to I rectify this issue?

Hope someone can provide guidance!

Ben Rose

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We were able to determine a couple things through email about this issue:

1. The TSV converter had an error with 8 bit output! This should be corrected now along with handling GIFs better.
2. The 8 bit/no audio setting needs to be used with TinyDuino example code.

Hopefully anybody else using TinyDuino/TinyScreen can mention if this is working correctly or has issues, then we can update the older tutorials to point to the new one.


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