Windows 7 not identifying tinyduno when plugged in


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I have been following your guide on how to upload video to the Tiny duino, when I get to the part where I need to go into device manager and check the "unknown device" area, I cant because there isnt an unknown device plugged in as far as windows in concerned.
I have tried:
Updating all drivers from Windows
Updating all drivers from my computer manufacturer (lenovo)
different USB ports
plugging-re plugging the tinyduino shield 110x

I am now trying to reboot the sheild but your documentation says "hold down button closest to the usb port and turn the switch back on", but there are 2 buttons the same distance from the usb and it doent seem to matter what combination i press, nothing happens, I just get the standard video the thing came with.

When its plugged in and the slide is off, it blinks orange, when its on its solid green.

Please help, is there a reset pin or gnd pin on this thing?

It is connected:  screen -> Usb -> tinyduino

Thank you

Ben Rose

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Sorry about the problem- it sounds like you might have a TinyScreen and TinyDuino but are looking at the TinyScreen+ instructions? Have you looked at the tutorial at ? Have you tried another USB cable? The computer should recognize something is plugged in, even if it's just the USB TinyShield on its own.


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