Square Circuit, Round Hole...


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OK, Ive been buying Tiny Circuits since before there WHERE any Tiny Circuits....
And I distinctly remember there being a choice between getting our boards in two flavors.
Square, and NOT square...
I have noticed that some of my boards seem to have a not square kind of footprint.
So if it appears that I may be able to round the corners off a pcb when I hold it up to the sun or use a flashlight or something?
Because if you are still designing them that way but just don't have the cojones to cut the crusts off your little tiny circuit sandwiches I'm thinking I might "Mom up" and do it myself.
Can I, can I please make my Tiny Circuits not square?

Ben Rose

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Yep, there was an option for round boards early on. New boards are square only, it's a (relatively) huge bump in area. Boards can sometimes be trimmed down, check for traces in the corners on newer boards! If it's just FR4 without traces, it can be carefully trimmed/sanded.


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