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Hi everyone, I try to compile a code plus its librairies on the tinyduino, however since I included an IMU+GPS+Altitude sensor as you can imagine I reached the maximum allowed memory on the chip. Has anyone have any idea for putting all this code on such a small device ?

Those are the options I know:
- simplify the code (eliminate useless lines)
- reduce the number of sensors
- use types which are less memory consuming (uchar, long int, instead of floats).

Thanks for any help


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Are you using TinyDuino or TinyScreen+? TinyDuino is only 32K flash, but TinyScreen+ has 256K flash. You have much more room to code and play.


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In my haste to order to the video game kit, I didn't notice the TinyScreen+. I like the idea of trying to cram something into 32K but more storage would make things easier. Maybe I'll order one and another joystick shield.


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